The beaches of Asinara

10 March 2022 /

The pristine sea of ​​Asinara is an unforgettable sight. Anyone who bathes in the sea of ​​the National Park is amazed by the transparency of the water and the colors of the seabed. Let’s discover all the beaches of the island together.

The west coast of the island is high and rocky, while on the eastern side there is therefore soft sand and transparent waters. All the beaches of Asinara overlook the east side: wild nature reigns supreme here.

Cala d’Arena – Located in the extreme north of the island, it is characterized by very white sand. It plunges gently into waters that cross all shades of blue, while behind it, from the Mediterranean scrub, stands a coastal tower dating back to the sixteenth century. The beach is part of the protected area of ​​the National Park, so it is not accessible.

Cala Sabina – Fine white sand, turquoise waters that protect uncontaminated seabeds, rich in colorful fish.

Cala d’Oliva – One of the two villages on the island, nestled between two dream beaches. Both beaches have very white sand, a sea that slowly passes from intense blue to deep blue and a seabed rich in marine life.

Cala Trabuccato – An integral part of the protected area of ​​the National Park, this beach can only be visited if accompanied by a guide. The beach is surrounded by the typical Mediterranean scrub, whose characteristic aromas will not escape you. In the surroundings of this beach, safe from fishermen and pollution, “castanets” thrive, the largest molluscs in the Mediterranean, which can reach up to 1 m in length.

Cala Reale – Located near the small village, the beach offers soft sand, surrounded by the inevitable Mediterranean scrub.